To help towards establishing a society where the poor, resource less and deprived sections of the society may valued and provided with a prospect to grow and become prosper by initiating the values of an egalitarian society in existing social structure.

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About Us

Maqbool Ahmed, a young college student came in contact with Padam shree K.D.Dewan the then Director, Consultancy cum Guidance Centre, Vaishali, Bihar and the Director, Paroo Prakhand Samagra Vikas Pariyojna, AT&PO, Gokula, Muzaffarpur during a workshop at Muzaffarpur.

Our Objective

Since existence the Parishad has come across many constraints and difficulties. However, strong will-power and the very motive of service did erode away all of these constraints and difficulties and the Parishad has been working wholeheartedly and great dedication.

Our Vision

Vision Statement: GJKP thought of a vision to empower the marginal and resource less sections of the society equipped with education, motivation and skill to lead dignified life in the society with self respect. Mission Statement: To help towards establishing a society.


Our Core Activities

The Parishad initially focused its work in remote areas of Sahebganj, Motipur and Mushahari in Muzaffarpur Districts. Remarkable works for betterment and lifting the status of the weaker sections of the society were undertaken by the Parishad in the region. The Parishad has a very clear vision to have empowered and confident marginal

Our Works

The Parishad has been working with the solo mission to help establishment of a society for the poor as well as other deprived sections of the society with a vision to make them prospect, grow and prosper and to initiate and sustain the values of an egalitarian social existence.